6 Safety Tips for Roadside Assistance

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It is not uncommon for drivers to face the need for roadside assistance at certain point of their lives. Nobody likes to be in such circumstance, but it would be very helpful to have some basic knowledge of what to do when situation arises.

1. Keep Away from Busy Road or Traffic

It is very important to find a safe spot to wait for assistance. If you are blocking the traffic, other motorists or drivers may not see a stationary vehicle in their way. It can be hazardous to the other drivers because they may end up colliding into your vehicle. If possible stop in spots where visibility is high and away from other vehicles. Go to the nearest emergency bay if there is any. Do not stop at corners or curves if possible, because these spots give little time for other drivers to respond if they are driving fast.

2. Warn Other Motorists or Drivers

Turn on your hazard warning lights; if you have any safety cones, signs, triangles or lights, take it out and place it a few feet away from the front and back of your vehicle to warn other motorists. Use them to increase your visibility so to avoid any possible collision. By doing so it will also signal your roadside assistance team when they arrive.

3. Call for Help

Contact your roadside assistance company immediately. They are normally available 24-hour daily.

4. Stay Alert

In emergency, you may panic and want to investigate the cause. However, you need to be mindful of the other oncoming vehicles, especially if you are near highways. Pay attention to vehicles in traffic before opening the door.

5. Be Patient

Whenever possible, stay inside your vehicle and make sure you or your passengers have seat belt on. Stay calm and wait for help to arrive.

6. Prepare Emergency Care

First aid kits can come in handy when time arises. Items such as tools, tissues, wipes, water, food. Gloves and ropes can be very useful in emergency situations. Triangles, flares or flags for warning and visibility are also crucial if you are stranded in areas with poor visibility.

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