Accident Towing

24-Hour Emergency Assistance

Nick’s Flatbed Tow Service can help you with your accident recovery and towing needs.We provide 24/7 emergency towing with our fast, reliable and safe tow truck services. Our goal is to assist you promptly no matter where and when the accident occurs in Pasadena. Whether you have an accident on the road or freeway, we will have our towing team dispatch to you as soon as possible. If you need your car towed to auto body repair shop or any other locations, we will make sure it arrives there safely.

Stay Calm and Call for Assistance

Remember, when you are involved in an accident; try not to panic and keep others around calm. Check to see if there is any injuries to the passengers around you. Turn on the hazard lights and move to a safe spot away from the road. Contact the police or ambulance if there are any injuries.

We will always put the safety of the motorists or passengers as top priority. When we arrive at the scene, we will make sure that the people involved in the accident are safe. After which, we will work with the relevant authorities and clear the vehicle and debris from the road. The damaged or wrecked vehicle will be towed to a destination of the driver’s choice.

Accident Towing

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