Flatbed Towing

Flatbed Towing

Stable and Secured

Flatbed towing is done by vehicles known as flatbed trucks, which is named after their bed’s flat appearance. They are preferred vehicles for making safe and secure tows. The four wheels of the towed vehicle is placed at the middle of the trailer, as a result the weight of the towed vehicle is balanced. Another benefit to this is it prevents strong swaying or moving about during the towing processes. Loading the vehicles is a simple. Since the empty flatbed is able to turn or roll back at an angle, all you need is to drive the vehicle up the ramp and let it be secured. This vehicle is lifted entirely off of the ground, therefore preventing any wear or damage that can happen.

Easier to Move Damaged Vehicles

Flatbed Towing is optimal for vehicles which are already damaged or fragile. Other towing techniques may cause further damage if not done well on worn down vehicles. With flatbed towing, the car will not experience any tear or wear during its trip. Reason is that the four wheels are lifted off the ground, the engine parts are not moving and it is safe from engine ignition.

Popular Towing Method

The reason why it is popular method of towing, is because it is safe, also It can be used to tow both light and heavy vehicles. It is also ideal for towing long distances. As the longer the journey is, the higher the possibility of damage to the towed vehicle. However with flatbed towing, there the risk will be minimized. Our flatbed trucks are well maintained, so you can be sure there will be no mechanical errors from our part. Our towing service is safe and convenient; once your vehicle is secured onto the flatbed, you vehicle will be prepared for a smooth ride to you desired destination. With our competitive rates and prices, you don’t have to anticipate for extra surprise charges.

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