Wheel Lift Towing

Wheel Lift Towing

Wheel lift towing trucks are equipped with a wheel lift that have a metal yoke which can fit underneath either the front or rear wheels of the vehicle to be towed. It also uses a hydraulic lift system to lift the vehicle’s front or rear end off the ground. The remaining two wheels on the ground will run along the roadway while the it is being towed.

The Advantages of Wheel Lift

Wheel lift is an evolution over the old hook and chain towing method, which wraps chains around the axles of the car. The newer method is unlikely to cause damage to the bumper and frame of the car. One of the biggest advantages of wheel lift is that it can move vehicles out from small space or tight spots. For example if a car has broken down and it is parallel parked, using wheel lift towing, it can pull out the car without damaging nearby vehicles.

Suitable for Two-Wheel Drive Vehicles

Wheel lift towing is suitable for certain types of vehicles. If your vehicle is a two-wheel drive car, the wheel lift method is suitable for you. For cars with four wheels or all-wheel drives, they shouldn’t be towed with this method, because for these cars all the wheels need to be hoisted from the ground during towing. If not, transmission damage might occur.

However, there can be exceptions. If tow dollies are added to the wheels which run on the surface, this can lower the possibility of transmission damage. The short fall is that with tow dollies, towing cannot be done for long distance or higher speeds.


Recommended for Short-Distance Towing

If you need to tow vehicles over long distances, there is always the possibility or risk of damage along the journey. Wheel lift towing is not recommended for long distance towing. On the other hand, flatbed towing is much preferred because of its stability and security. Also for valuable vehicles such as exotic or luxury cars, flatbed towing is recommended because it can keep the cars away from the ground, and make them less likely to be hit by debris or objects on the surface.

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