What NOT to Do While Waiting for Towing Service

Sometimes waiting can wear down the patience of people. It can be boring and stressful waiting for tow trucks, but do not let a moment of carelessness cause you injury or losses. Remember it is always to be safe than sorry. Below are 4 things not to do to ensure yourself safety.

Use up Your Phone Battery

While waiting for the tow truck driver, you may be spending time on your mobile phone on your work emails, or communicating with colleagues or friends using the various apps, or even playing mobile games. Do not drain up your cell phone battery because the tow truck driver might have to contact you if he fails to locate you. Ensure you have ample battery to be contacted and not be lost in communication.

Move Out on Your Own

You may decide to walk out your own to get hitched or a ride. This is dangerous because if you are at the wrong turns or busy traffic, motorists may not see you and knock you down. Moreover, it is difficult for other motorists to pull over if they are in highways. It is much safer to stay inside your own car till the help arrives.

Be a DIY Mechanic

Car engines are heated after extensive driving, so they are very hot. This is even so if overheating is the cause of the vehicle break down. If you remove the caps of fluid reservoirs, the pressure may cause hot steaming liquid to splash at you and cause burns. It can be difficult to fix the engine without equipment and tools to diagnose the problems, so no need to waste time trying to figure out nothing.

Talking to Strangers

We all know what our parents teach us when we were young; don’t talk to people you do not know. If is true especially when you are alone in remote locations, with you and your vehicle stranded. When you see strangers and not help coming at you, do not roll down your windows, ask them to identify themselves. Do not fall victim to crimes, be alert and stay safe.

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